Artezanz | An Online Marketplace for Global Artisans!!!


Introducing the first Artisan led, global marketplace. 

Created by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and development professionals from Volunteers Around the World, Inc. – connecting the artisan community directly to you!

  • Shop Global: Free yourself from borders with our digital shopping passport. You no longer need to travel to a country to bring its influence into your life.
  • Buy Direct: The artisans set their own prices. They are in control of what they earn for their work, and they benefit from a global community of customers purchasing and reviewing their products.
  • Change the Story: Artisans are entrepreneurs, ready for the opportunity to share their unique creations with the global marketplace. With one click, you can engage with the most talented individuals on the planet. Empower them to manage their own success and share cultural goods across the world.

We are currently on the ground in Paraguay, Ecuador, Chile and Guatemala. Together with the Artisan Community, both established and up and coming, we are creating an online marketplace where global goods can be made available to anyone – no passport required! Giving the artisan direct access to the site, they can remove the need for a middleman and sell their products directly to you!

We are starting in Central and South America because we live here. With your support, this idea will go global.